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The Talipapa is an outdoor  public market where you can buy vegetables,  fruit, meat, rice, eggs, & fish.

This local market was closer to the house than the grocery stores.  The prices are much cheaper here and you can bargain. 

Here are a few pictures.

Vegetable stand.

A selfie in front of the rice and egg stand.

We used the tricycle as our mode of transportation to the Talipapa. Three of us sat inside and two people sat behind the driver.  We paid $50 pesos for 5 people, which is $1 US one way.

Check out my instagram (tina_noreally) page to see a quick glimpse of the Talipapa and Tricycle footage.

Happy Travels! ☺ 


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Philippines Food Tripping 

Here’s my second post about the food I’ve been trying in the Philippines. 

Banana Q is actually a type of street food. Instead of purchasing it off a cart, my Uncle made it himself and it tasted just as good. It’s deep fried saba banana and brown sugar.

Spam is a precooked meat made from ham. Usually, I eat this pan fried. My Uncle, however, dipped the Spam in egg and then pan fried. I thought how interesting. It gave the spam a bit of a little flaky crunchy texture.

Pancit is a definite Filipino dish. It’s thin noodles with bite sized meat and vegetables. My Uncle cooked this and it was perfect. Sometimes other people’s pancit will have too much vegetables or will be too oily. For the picture, we laid the meat and vegetables on top of the noodles and mixed it all together later before serving. 

Pandesal is one of my favorite breakfast food in the Philippines.  Over the years; however, the size of the pandesal has gotten smaller and smaller. I love to eat this plan or with CheezWhiz. The bread on the right has coffee flavor inside. I didn’t care for it too much. It just seemed too dry.

Champorado is a sweet chocolate rice porridge dish.  It’s eaten for breakfast.   I like to add condense milk to it.  This dish brings back memories with my Grandma. How she cooked this in her small kitchen when I was very young.

The food in Philippines.  There’s so much to eat and so much to try.

Happy Eating & Happy Travels! ☺ 

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Happy Chinese New Year! 

Happy Rooster New Year!

It is the year of the Rooster! 🐓

We’re celebrating our new year in the Philippines. Everything pretty much closes in Taiwan,  so we’re here visiting the relatives. I will post more on this trip in a later blog.

Happy New Year & Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Travels! ☺